5 Important Tips To Improve Walking Technique

tips to improve walking technique

Walking has been considered as one of the most important as well as a full exercise for proper body development. According to many experts, going for long walks with good eating habits is enough for the full body workout. Many studies have also proved that walking decreases the risk of heart diseases as well as stroke by 35-54 percent. Experts say that walking activity helps you to burn around 120-178 calories in the period of half an hour if you are walking at the speed of 3.5 mph.

Apart from these benefits, you do not need to invest big in this exercise as your two legs and if you need a good company then a music player will be enough for you start walking and improve your health.

However, it should be always kept in mind, although walking is easy, after all it is an exercise and there are few things which you need to consider before walking. Improving your walking tips is always a necessary fact. There are a few tips to improve your walking techniques you should always follow to get better health benefits. Following are the tips to improve walking technique.

Tips To Improve Walking Techniques For Better Health

1Breathe correctly

Breathe correctly

While doing any exercise, it is important to breath correctly and walking is no different. Breathing does an important role while taking a walk for far distances. Experts recommend that you should always breath through your nose and not from your mouth while walking, which is reaction appears when you walk longer distances. It is also recommended that you should relax your stomach and should feel the air filling in your lungs till the lower sections.

2Look straight while walking

Look straight while walking

Looking down while walking is quite natural, however, it is not the right posture for walking, according to the experts. Many health experts have added that you should keep your head upwards while walking. Your body will be in the right posture if you are following this technique. However, remember to choose smooth surfaces for walking as walking on uneven grounds with this can be highly difficult and even dangerous.

3Hold your back straight

Hold your back straight

It is important that you keep your back straight while walking. Do not let it arch either forward or backward. Ensure that your neck as well as shoulders are in nice and relaxed position. If you’re having problems while keeping your back straight you are allowed to lean forward from your hips a bit.

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4Swing arms in the air

Swing arms in the air

Always remember to swing your arms while walking. You should understand that, that is the natural posture of your body while walking. Keep your hands nice and relaxed and allow them to bend a little as they make 90 degree angle to the body. However, don’t do it excessively, that should be the natural action and should come back naturally.

5Try to keep your strides equal

Try to keep your strides equal

Expert says that you should measure the difference between your strides from heel to heel. While it would be easy to take long strides, it is not at all health-friendly. Like your hand movement, your stride should also come naturally. They should not be too big or small. Try to keep them equal for better benefits.

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By Prajakt K.