5 Best Anti Aging Exercises

Anti aging exercises

Aging is something which has created a lot of headache for almost all the people across the globe. Although there are various options available to get rid off aging from expensive cream as well as beauty treatments to various homemade solutions, nobody has found the permanent solution to this problem. The main symptoms of aging are decreased stamina, declining metabolism and the occurrence of various chronic illnesses. The solution to this is proper workout. Yes, there are few anti aging exercises which provides you better fitness to your body.

While you just cannot stop your growing age, doing this workout will at least control the effects of aging you face. These workouts will not only provide solutions for your aging, but will also counter various chronic illness which may result into aging. It also helps to build strong muscles, improves stamina and converts you into a physically agile person.

We have brought you a list of few workouts, which will help in countering aging illnesses.

5 Anti Aging Exercises



This ancient workout is helpful in solving almost every health problem. According to various fitness experts, doing yoga regularly also helps you keep yourself younger for long periods. More importantly, there are few asanas which is focused on removing aging from the particular body parts. Few asanas help you in removing wrinkles from your face. Additionally, doing yoga every day kills stress, which is the main reason behind triggering aging in your body.



Squats are again highly important exercise of you want to reduce aging. Squatting concentrates more on large muscles in your body. They burn calories and keeps your legs strong. We need to learn that squatting is important in our regular life as well. To pick up heavy bags or to lift a kid, requires a perfect squat posture. Squatting not only makes regulates fitness, but it also keeps your body away from aging. However, you need to be very careful while doing squat as it can really harm you if you do it in an incorrect manner.

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3Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting

This is the workout which, according to the expert, is highly required to counter osteoporosis. Although weight lifting needs to be done under expert supervision, if you have good bone health you can certainly give it a try. It has been found that women lack behind in this exercise, due to various traditional mindsets. However, various fitness experts say the weight lifting not only provides more strength to your bones as well as body, it also helps in countering aging and keeps you younger.



This is the most simple exercise which you can try to get huge benefits. According to the experts, walking counters the risk of dementia. Various studies have also proved that walking also helps you in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. To stay aging-free for a longer period of time you need your inner body to stay strong. Walking does that quite impressively. It keeps your heart young, metabolism in pace and improves blood regulation. Experts say that an individual should walk around 10,000-15,000 steps everyday to get proper health benefits.



This is one of the few workouts which has also been recommended by various beauticians to get younger looking skin. Various cardio exercises such as swimming, dancing and cycling triggers more blood flow into your body as these exercises help in increasing the heart rate. Experts say that better circulation in the body helps in making heart strong and to get beautiful, aging-free skin.

6Bonus: Compound Movements

Compound Movements

This workout is known for providing an intense workout for your body in a very short period of time. According to many fitness experts, compound movements are more effective and various other exercises. Due to its pace, doing this workout helps you in hitting more muscles and provides them great workout.

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By Prajakt K.