Easy Valentine’s Day gift to the man you love

Gift Ideas

This lovely day is something that is very important in showing the love, care and affection you have towards your love of life. This is the day that is an expression of all the built up love inside of you. This is the day when you can openly romance your feelings, make him feel special and tell him how much he means to you. Let’s face it that men are always good with gifts and surprises because they know what surprises you and how you love to be surprised by the gifts. But do you know a lot about what the guy wants? Well, there are so many things for girls as gifts but guys don’t really have that many options. So, if you want to gift him something simple, meaningful and easily, then here are some Valentines day gift ideas that you can buy or make for your Valentine!

There are many a times when women keep questioning their gift picking abilities for men. Yes, it is true that not many things fit the category. You never know what the male community expects. It is better to be on the safe road when you get Valentine’s Day gifts. If you are specific and he doesn’t like it, it is going to break your heart. So, give him something that he can’t refuse and then surprise him with a lot of sex! So if you want to make this day very special, all you would need for this is a dash of creativity, pinch of patience and a lot of love! Yes, we are going to teach you as to what kind of guys like what kinds of gifts and how you can make it easy on this Valentine’s Day!

Some Interesting and Easy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1For the Sensitive guy

For the Sensitive guy

If your guy is very sensitive and appreciates small things, then he might also appreciate the fact that you made a gift for him rather than the one you bought. He will consider the materialistic stuff as secondary, in all cases. So, if you don’t have time to pick up something, just set aside one night for this creative work of art. You can paint something for him if you are a good artist. If that isn’t your forte, you can never go wrong with pictures, right? So, make a collage and write to him as to how much you love taking pictures with him and for him. That way, you will be able to fit in all the beautiful pictures of your choice and you will love the creativity too. Sew something for him, make a DIY love card, prepare his favorite and delicious meal or you can just express it by singing to him as to how much you love him. A sensitive guy will definitely appreciate your efforts.

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2For the guy who loves himself

guy who loves himself

Some men like themselves! Well, I definitely don’t think of it as over self obsession at all. Like how we women love ourselves, men love themselves too. So, if your guy is a person who loves his looks, his way of dressing, the kind of clothes he picks, his hair, etc., you have to get him something that he can appreciate. If he loves to go to the gym and keep himself fit, then why don’t you just get a gym membership or a fitness coupon that he can redeem? If he loves to dress his hair up, then get him a visit to his hairdresser for the day so he can have a luxury massage or hair spa! Basically these are the kind of guys who need and appreciate some pampering. So, just go ahead and give him something that he would love and surprise him!

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3For the Rugged guy

For the Rugged guy

If your guy is the rugged kinds, meaning the guy who likes to be socially very interactive and upbeat, then getting him gifts could be a bit of a challenge. But do not worry, we still have ideas for that also. Get him something that he would be able to enjoy. Say, something like a subscription to a book that has different outdoor activities that he can do for the month. Or, get him a ticket to something that he has always wanted to do. Check for his bucket list. Does he ever want to go bungee jumping? Skiing? Sky diving? Water diving? If he likes the adventure stuff, surprise him by getting him to do the same on the special day. If you want to make it simpler, then try to make a day out of adventure. Go trekking, play outdoor games, swim or something on those lines would make him feel special and nice about the day.

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4For the Business-ey guy

Business-ey guy

If your guy has to spend the entire day at the office or in his workplace, then those people are difficult to buy for. Yes, you may have thousand confusions as to what he might or might not like. So, keep it simple, I say! Get him a suit, a vest coat or his favorite colored tie. How you can surprise him? Gift him the tie on the night of Valentine’s Day by wearing just the tie and nothing else. That could be a big surprise. Or, you can gift him a Bluetooth since he must be always on the phone. That could be a useful gift for the guy.

Whatever gift you give on Valentine’s Day, it has to come with a redeemable offer so that the guy can have the liberty to exchange it if he doesn’t like it. More than anything, give him your love, the care and all the affection you have for him. If you are true to him and give yourself to him, he wouldn’t want any materialistic stuff to satisfy his happiness at all.

Happy Valentine’s Day!