Natural home remedies to get rosy and smooth lips

smooth lips

Lips add glamour and charm to your personality and smile. But for this we have to take care of the lips to make it shiny and beautiful. We cannot apply anything on the lips, because it may harm the body. Even if you apply lipstick on your lips it should also be of good quality otherwise it may harm your lips. Lips need proper care to make them shiny and soft. During the winter season lips get dry and skin gets peeled off and make it ugly. For all these problems there are homemade solutions which may help you to get natural rosy lips.

Home Remedies For Rosy Lips

smooth lips1. You can keep your lips soft and pinky by applying butter on the lips. While having food you can apply it on the lips and get soft lips.

2. Beetroot is very rich in red color. In order to provide reddish color to the lips you can apply beet-root juice on the lips. It will give you the natural color without applying lipstick. It also lightens the blackish color of lips.

3. You can prepare a natural lip balm by mixing honey and fuller earth. Apply this mixture to the lips and get soft and smooth lips.

4. Red grape is also rich in red color and have many healthy benefits. You can scrub the juice on the lips and can get reddish and smooth lips.

5. If your lips are rough in summer and cracking, then you can apply olive oil at the night while going to bed. It may help you to get soft lips. It may also lighten up the dark color of lips.

6. Lemon is a good source for lighting the dark spots on the body. You can apply it on the lips. Apply lemon juice for 15 min on the lips and clean lips with normal water. It may lighten the dark color of lips. You can try it on alternate days for 15 days.

8. A Mixture of lemon juice, cucumber juice and coconut oil is also a good home remedy for lips.

9. A mixture of milk and almond oil may give you soft and pink lips.

10. If a person cannot apply lemon juice due to the sour taste, it can be mixed with coconut oil. Apply on the lips for 15 min and get smooth lips.

11. If the lips are hard, cracked and dry, then ginger juice mixed with egg may be helpful for you to get soft lips.

12. Saffron with butter is a natural home remedy for lips.

13. Rose is rich in red color. You can mix the rose petal juice with butter and apply to the lips. It will give reddish soft lips. It helps to lighten the dark lips.

14. During winter season, lips get dry and cracked. You can prepare a paste of honey, sugar and almond oil. Apply daily on the lips. You may get smooth lips.

By trying these simple home remedies you can prevent your lips from being dry and get cracking.

By: Shaveta Kandhari

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